a dying hard drive (resolved)


Last week I installed Calculate into my machine.
On Saturday the boot screen tells me the hard drive is dying.
I have a new hard drive and spent many hours yesterday trying to install Calculate, but it won’t to.
The error message I get is the disc is full
On closer inspection I find the 64mb boot partition is full (and stopping the install)
So I am wondering is it possible to copy or clone the operating system from the old drive to the new one ?

HI! I’m new to Calculate and ‘learning’ Gentoo myself.

First, have you had experience with Gentoo and Gentoo based
systems before?

Second, did you use any Linux Distros before this?

You’re using a seperate boot partition? Apparently you can
get the Live Calculate system going… why not increase the
Boot partition size with a partition program? I am a bit lazy!
I have ‘stopped’ using this method… (Someone is probably going
to flame me about not doing that. Hope not… I just install
usually 3 systems or more depending on my HDD size and let
the installers work it out… :stuck_out_tongue: No, not a distro hopper. I use
Debian and I use Gentoo or Gentoo based. I’ve decided I like

However, I remember when I used to do it. I read somewhere
never use less than 100mb. Maybe you should try 150mb boot
partition size to be safe.

Also, if you want an easy solution & yes, be lazy. Why not
install without a separate boot partition? (of course you
may have a reason to wish to do so.)

Your second question, should be possible. There are instructions
on how to upgrade Calculate from another partition. They’re
pretty involved. I would ‘never’ do it, but they should work
for your idea of pulling the ‘old’ system over from the old
hard drive. I also think there may be an image back up tool
in Gentoo portage. (Of course it means slapping in the old
hard drive.)

Why not just ‘create’ an image from the old system and ‘restore’
it to the new hard drive.

Which Calculate are you using by the way? Is it the 12.1 release?
Or is it the previous 11 releases?

Maybe I should have asked earlier. :stuck_out_tongue:

What partition scheme are you using and what size are your Hard drives?

Desktop or Notebook hardware?

Maybe for the ‘more’ experienced here than I this information can help
them give you more solutions.

Maybe some of my ‘simple’ ideas can help you I hope… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice.

I removed the boot partition and the problem disappeared. Calculate installed in about 20 minutes from start to finish.

I installed 11.15 for a desktop KDE. It’s only a 80g hard drive and will do until I can afford something bigger. (It’ll also do for practice/ learning)

From 11.15 update world has 580 files to be amended.


If you want to clone your hdd, you can use to http://clonezilla.org/

I have not had any problems with the few times I used it.


XKomodor | Julien

Ouch! Clonezilla! Good one! I forgot all about it and that is a good solution!


Glad you got it installed. Yes… ‘need’ practice. Why didn’t you grab a more recent
daily version? The ‘update’ would be less work… :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t actually think of grabbing an update…
thanks for the information about Clonzilla.