3.16 kernel Installed - Update wants to reinstall 3.14

With cldx 3.19 I couldn’t use my Windows PIM due to a quirk contained in the 3.14 kernel. So I downgraded the kernel to 3.12, but that broke my network connection and I couldn’t install the 3.16 kernel. I’ve been waiting for the 3.16 kernel to become stable but that hasn’t happened.

So I recently installed the Nov. 3rd stage of cldx on my main desktop machine but had the same problems with Wine due to the 3.14 kernel.

So I replaced it with 3.16 which resolved the problem and created no new ones.

But when I do an update, I’m told that sys-kernel 3.14 will be installed - so I break off the update.

How can I update my system without re-installing the 3.14 kernel?

Or can I allow it be re-installed without losing my 3.16 kernel? (The 3.14 kernel was removed by updating. It was identified as obsolete and I allowed it to be removed).

With the 3.16 kernel cldx will become my main system. With the 3.14 kernel it won’t.

Thanks in advance.

I have ran into this in the past. In order to get around it I masked the other older kernels that I didn’t want re-installed.


echo "<=sys-kernel/calculate-sources-3.14.26" >> /etc/portage/package.mask/custom

then try to do your update. I don’t think its a permanent solution but it will work. Or you could always mask the kernel versions lower than the one you have installed.

echo "<=sys-kernel/calculate-sources-3.16.7" >> /etc/portage/package.mask/custom

The 3.18 kernel was released a couple of days ago, so if your into having the latest kernel, there will be a 3.18 calculate one soon.

Let me know if what I suggested works.

Thank you for your response. I will try that and report on the results. My main concern is to avoid having to reinstall the 3.16.7 kernel every time the system updates, but I’m not sure that reinstalling the 3.14.26 would mean having to do that.
Since it was an update that offered to remove obsolete applications and indicated that the (or a) 3.14 kernel was one of them, requiring it’s re-installation with an upgrade is incongruent. IAC, the re-installation of the 3.14 presents no problem, as long as the 3.16 remains the default.
Installing the 3.16 kernel corrected the issues I had to resolve on this desktop computer so I don’t intend to install v. 3.18 at present. (A more recent Calculate installation on a Lenovo ThinkPad W520 w/ a Realtec WiFi chip fails to connect wirelessly so I might try it there, although I may have to reinstall Calculate first because the root password isn’t recognized either).
Reinstalling the nov 3 2014 stage of cldx corrected the password problem without eliminating other configuration s already in place. Without a password I couldn’t unmask an unstable kernel and now I see that 3.16.7 isn’t offered, but a 3.17,x is so I installed that and it also works for me. I have a number of other cutting edge operating systems installed but I think that cldx performs best.