11.12 to 11.15 update

I have 11.12 DVD that I installed today, and I can’t update it to latest version 11.15. I wouldn’t download new DVD, so I want to use one I have to get up to date system.
I did everything from http://www.calculate-linux.org/main/en/system_update_guide but my problem is that when using emerge -uDN world there are a lot of warnings and errors. Output:
http://pastebin.pl/58467 emerge -uD world
revdep-rebuild http://pastebin.pl/128426fb3135f7b649e21b683b9eccae (same everytime I use it)

How can I force my system to safely update? I was using CLD (KDE) before, right after 11.12 was released and it was updating correctly every week so I had it up to date and it was updated correctly to 11.15.
I had to format PC, so I lost my install.