Xorg crash after install - Nvidia graphics

oops !

glxspheres64 !!!

Here is the output of glxspheres64:

Polygons in scene:62464 (61 spheres * 1024 polygons/spheres)
No protocol specified
ERROR line 619:
Could not display

Output on optirun glxspheres is exactly the same.

Strange, but your display works.

I don’t know why glxspheres doesn’t work…

Thanks a lot for all the help.
I believe some of my problems and strange responses of system are caused by hardware (the laptop is reagional modification of international model) and software (to bypass UEFI and allow multiboot I use rEFInd).

For anyone else having such problems steps that worked for me (HW: Acer V15 Nitro first series):

cl-setup-video --video nouveau
emerge -qv bumblebee
rc-update add bumblebee default
usermod -G bumblebee -a <user>

for running SW requiring 3D graphich use:

optirun <software>

In my case before reboot, I must set :
cl-setup-video --video intel

So after when I test :
$ glxspheres64
the result is : …OpenGL Rendered : Mesa DRI Intel® Haswell Mobile…

and when I test :
$ optirun glxspheres64
the result is : …OpenGL Rendered : GeForce GTX 850M/PCi/SSE2…

Un grand merci pour Adrien et ses tutoriels :wink: