Where's the package manager in XFCE?

Please tell me how does one add or remove software packages in the latest XFCE distribution. If I have to use a terminal please let me know what commands I must type in. THANK YOU for your time and consideration.


I’m also new to Calculate. To search packages you can use 'eix ’ and to install use ‘emerge --ask <package-category/package name>’ or without --ask. A Package list is here: http://www.calculate-linux.org/packages

calculate documentation is here: http://www.calculate-linux.org/main/en/cld_manuals

Sometimes it can happen that a package is unmasked, if it’s unmasked because of stability reasons you can enable it in the file /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords

One example, I had to do this with gnote:
add the line ‘=app-misc/gnote-0.7.3 ~amd64’ to the package.accept_keywords file and then install it via ‘emerge --ask =app-misc/gnote-0.7.3’

I don’t know yet how to install ebuilt packages, but for me it’s not necessary at the moment.

The commands ‘dispatch-conf’ and ‘revdep-rebuild’ can also be useful sometimes after updates or installations.

I found out that http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/ can also help for some configuration things e.g. the hints about ‘rc-update’ were helpful for me to get sensors and fancontrol to work.

After a few attempts to get the binary ATI/AMD driver to work correctly, this driver works also for me. I like my Calculate 11 installation now even more than my Fedora, which I used before :slight_smile:

You can use a gui like porthole or portato
I would recommend portato, it`s newer. Just do a emerge portato

for more information, please take a look over here: http://necoro.eu/portato/

Regards from berlin