Update partition when using existing partitions

How would you assign an update partition if you’re using existing partitions instead of the auto partitioner?

Also, no further setup is needed for zram right, so I can just leave out the swap partition?

When you mark partitions with the installer, it knows which partition to update and marks it in /var/lib/calculate/calculate.env, for example:

cl_install_dev_from = /dev/nvme0n1p2

Write this variable with a free section to update.

In a new installation of CL20.6, zram is configured by default. This is configured in /etc/conf.d/zram. Using a zram disk swap partition is no longer needed.

Well I’m doing a fresh install, not updating a system.

What I mean is the “The partition for the update” checkbox if you were to auto partition. What does it do? I was under the impression that it would get used for system updates like the cl-update command but I’m not sure because portage stores things in /var.

Is this variable for setting that?

You can read more here https://wiki.calculate-linux.org/disk_partitioning
The idea is that you can always update the system from the ISO image with the command cl-install (without parameters). Basic settings, mount points and users will be moved to the new system. This is convenient because it increases resilience. You always have a backup system installed to boot up whatever happens to the main system.