uninstalling not needed pkgs after Installation

I’m wondering if any of the calculate pkgs are OK to uninstall, I did a pretend unemerge of sys-apps/calculate-install & it seems to be able to uninstall without taking others pkgs with it,but are there other pkgs like it that are sopposedly not needed after installing the desktop. Or is sys-apps/calculate-install still an important pkg to the system.

I like to remove software like drivers & other lanquages etc that are not needed after installing a desktop but I Like to be careful & would prefer to leave a pkg installed if its going to cause trouble later on.
I just thought that pkgs like calculate-builder & calculate-install might of been only important for installing the desktop & wern’t required after installation, Is that Right?

What does sys-apps/calculate-utilities do, as I can’t see any apps in the menu that seem to be related to it unless their command line .
Im not really interested in removing software that can be used but just the so called useless pkgs.

Thanks AnyOne

This packages is main part of Calculate Linux.
Package calculate-install is used for system installation and system configuration. If you remove this package, then new installed packages will not be configured. It is an important package.
Package calculate-builder is used for repacking system on usbflash or creating iso image of system installed in builder mode and also contains utility cl-kernel for kernel building. This package also is used for install calculate-source package with USE flag "vmlinuz".
Package calculate-templates contains templates for system configuration. Templates is used by calculate-desktop, calculate-client, calculate-install, calculate-builder.
Package calculate-utilities is meta package.
You can remove calculate-install-gui (GUI frontend for cl-install), but you must append “-cl_installgui” in USE flags for sys-apps/calculate-utilities.

It just goes to show you can’t always judge a book by its cover as they say.I am glad I decided to wait. I think I will leave them alone.

what a nice tools!