System Calendar with Gmail Calendar integration

Hi Calculate-Friends,

Just wondering, how do I get the gmail calendar to show in the system Calender on the panel.

Also, maybe a little off topic, how do I get a package on Calculate which I can’t find in the repros?

Like clonezilla, USB-creator etc.

I am new to Calculate and got to have a steep learning curve I guess :slight_smile:

Hi, for gmail calendar use plugin addon browsers(firefox, chromium,…etcc )

cmd --> su/sudo emerge -avt filename(package)
for clonezilla not exist in the repository ufficial gentoo…
use cmd “layman” add overlay’s —>

for front-end gentoo package install porthole

if you want you can add my overlay :wink:

Thank you for your replies, I will take the porthole approach first and might also try your overlay.

Thanks aagain

Giacomo Giorgianni wrote:

if you want you can add my overlay :wink:

Being spoiled by arch, how would I use your overlays, could you provide an example for a dummy :slight_smile: