[Solved] Syncing

Hello All
I have been absent from posting here for at least a year Plus.
A long time Sabayon user since 2005, I have followed Calculate with great interest and always download the latest ISO to burn and try.
Here are my question: Should I sync and layman before all Adds and Upgrades?
I am familar with using emerge and layman and have done so for years. In the past few years I have used the CLI to update and sync very seldom. Instead relying on GUI type package managers more often.
So, I took a refresher look at the Calculate Docs and then did

emerge --sync
emerge portage
layman -s calculate

And then for good measure


All the above went as expected and fairly quickly.
To test all I did an

eix -S browser
emerge htop
Just to test and all went fine.

Lastly I did a

emerge porthole

Which also installed fine.
I am accustom to syncing before any Upgrade or Package add with Debian or Arch. When I use Sabayon the Package manage does the sync for me before any Package ADD.
So, Should I sync and layman before all Adds and Upgrades?

I notice that when I clicked the SYNC button on Porthole it opened a small terminal to display the syncing process and then synced all 9973 packages. Will this happen each time…Or will some of this be Cached in some manner?

Easier to install the last Stage of the image. Tree sync should be done for every update. This is done by the utility <>. The utility will update Portage, Calculate Overlay, update eix database search and perform as needed are some useful settings. After that, it is advisable to check the current update package, run <<emerge -uDNa world>>.

Thanks for the replay…
Yes I will follow your prescription. I found as I had posted that
was the best method.