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[SOLVED]Error in default fstab file

I have been testing CLS with btrfs. It had been working fine. The last time I booted my /var/calculate/home/ directory was missing.

The following dmesg errors appeared:

[ 3.133115] BTRFS error (device nvme0n1p1): unrecognized mount option ‘ssdspace_cache’
[ 3.284490] BTRFS error (device nvme0n1p3): unrecognized mount option ‘ssdspace_cache’
[ 3.284502] BTRFS error (device nvme0n1p3): open_ctree failed

After some research, I discovered these errors in fstab:

/ was on /dev/nvme0n1p1 during installation

UUID=5a7edd6d-fb07-4207-a072-65b1045d7b35 / btrfs noatime,ssdspace_cache 0 1

/var/calculate was on /dev/nvme0n1p3 during installation

UUID=875ec864-a7ca-4d12-bda6-673f7a5a35bf /var/calculate btrfs noatime,ssdspace_cache 0 0

The problem is that ssdspace_cache should be ssd,space_cache. I did not modify fstab. Some how is was booting like that for a couple of weeks then all of a sudden those 2 partitions didn’t mount. Maybe btrfs was ignoring those errors before.

Putting in the commas fixes the problem.

Hi! This is an unfortunate error that occurred as a result of the migration revision to fstrim. Running cl-update fixes this error. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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