sddm theme

I lose my nerves and begin to crazy. I have CLD and I tried to change the sddm Maldives login theme into the breeze login theme. The Maldivian theme has disappeared and Breeze theme is always on the background image although I set the background image, i corrected the breeze .conf files to image a locate of image

Oh my God, this is not normal, the file must be .jpg in sddm themes, the same .png file is a vallpaper. This is not normal, there is no standard, image is image. Losing time and nerves on ordinary nonsense,

That’s what I did.
I Installed the latest version 0.18.0 of x11-misc/sddm and 5.12.5 of kde-plasma/sddm-kcm.
Then edited files ‘theme.conf’ and ‘theme.conf.user’ as:


Also edited ‘/etc/sddm.conf’:


And it works with both .png and .jpg

I know for that variant, since the 5.x. I use RR distro and upgrade regular CLD. That bug is from the beginning of the plasma, the avatars problem, the background problem. Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: