Restore calculate-sources-4.19.x?

Hi! I noted that calculate-sources was upgraded to 5.4.x. But the problem is the 4.19.x was deleted. I’m using nvidia-drivers, with legacy support (390.xx), which by the moment it supports only kernel versions lower than 5.4 (in the Gentoo Portage Tree is the same situation), so I cannot use the nvidia-drivers if kernel is 5.4 or greater. So please, restore the 4.19.x to use as optional.


I don’t see a problem getting the 4.19.xx back.

But, Are you sure that legacy 390.xx nvidia-drivers do not work with the current kernel version?

I just successfully compile the 390.132-r1 drivers. For reliability I have rebooted my desktop PC. X-server works perfectly.

There is the conf of my PC.

That’s weird because if you see the nvidia-drivers .ebuild, you see a variable which restricts and warns when you use a 5.4.x kernel.

Anyways, I’ll try it then, because when I was in Gentoo, nvidia-drivers didn’t build with 5.4.x kernel.

Now I installed the calculate-sources and the nvidia-drivers and works without problems. I think Gentoo ebuilds should change the restriction of the kernel version.

Thanks anyways.