Request of binary version of media-gfx/inkscape-0.92.4-r2


I noted that last “stable” version of Inkscape is 1.0. However, that version is still in beta, so the actual latest stable version is 0.92.x, but there’s no binary version (indeed, the 1.0 version should not be marked as stable).

Thanks in advice.

Did you find any errors in your work?

Yes, just a couple of bugs: Sometimes I cannot select correctly an item from the menu. I had to selected again to make it open, which didn’t happen with 0.92.x. Also, the tool of tracing routes when importing from an image may not work properly.
Also, as I mentioned above, the 1.0 is still in beta, so it would not be suitable for daily use, for test only.

Okay, we’ll roll back the version with the next update. Thank you for your feedback.

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You’re welcome, and thanks for the response :slight_smile: