Removed packages from Calculate repo?

Hi! Everytime I do an eclean-dist, this message appears on prompt:

hackenherr ~ # eclean-dist --deep                                                                                                              [10:54:46]
 * Building file list for distfiles cleaning...
 * Your distfiles directory was already clean.

   The following unavailable installed packages were found

I noted that both packages were removed from Calculate repo, but are still needed by calculate-utils. Fortunately, I have the sources for both packages, but ebuilds are not available.

What to do with this?

Thanks in advance.

Just faced same problem. But it seems, sudsds was in gentoo portage instead of calc overlay. See this commit:

Yes, I noted that as I see. Being that true, why does calculate-utils still depend on them? I think at least those packages were available on the calculate overlay/repo just in case.

This could be worked around by [-minimal] flag. I noticed it affects only package dependencies, not affecting configure/build/etc options. I’m only curious, what’s full feature set, disabled without these deps. Full deps (may be found in its eclass):

!minimal? (

Yeah, but py-smbpasswd is still a dependency when calculate-utils is built with USE=client enabled.

The idea is get those missing packages re-incorporated but in the calculate overlay, not get rid on them, to avoid some possible breakage.