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Greetings all

Just installed CLDX - (former Gentoo user)
Emerge attempts fail (404)
What is the procedure to use both new Gentoo & Calculate (GIT) syncs ?
NTIM- had Probs installing - CLDX “install” icon throws error Msg

“failed to start install” - then does start it after several attempts

CLS - (contrary to documention) has NO “start install icon” - nor GUI icon in open-box -

Open box has graphical apps - non-working :
Click & all state “no process”
Manual (cl-install) was used _ then after MUCH time, error Msg:
install failed - missing “lib cairo-xx .so”

NTIM ~ WHY does GUI install config insist on formatting (" /" ) when told no in check box options

Why - no locate/mlocate Foomataic-rip in any ?
Lacking above, very few printer drivers are available
I have a script to install downloaded Brother drivers,(DEB pkgs)
It works flawlesslyin Puppy -not in Calculate !!!

I WILL give CLDX a fair assessment 1/3 months- but I forsee another manual stage 3 Gentoo install
The “template” methods forbid root GUI dsktp - so no (formerly >unlimited) separate instances of a desktop
Suggestion: Use what Gentoo had B4 > a separate GRP disc w/binaries
why that was dropped - who knows: the BIG advantage was compile time-savings/no web_access Req’d

Thnx for the audience; 4 now ~ need detailed/up-2-date emerge procedures

Best wishes ~ rj

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