How to recreate portage git

My /usr/portage got broken because I lost connectivity during a sync.
Now all I get is

* Running !-hooks
* Running emerge --sync

Synchronization of repository ‘gentoo’ located in ‘/usr/portage’…
Starting git pull in /usr/portage…
error: Unable to find b6bb5390b00e25db201dbca81aa62725dbe03a33 under
Cannot obtain needed object b6bb5390b00e25db201dbca81aa62725dbe03a33
error: Fetch failed.
!!! git pull error in /usr/portage.
* emerge --sync failed

I was not able to restore it, even a normal clone of the git repo into a new directory does not work.

any help would be appreciated.


And if you

rm -Rf /usr/portage

and resynchronize again with



XKomodor | Julien

that worked, thanks!!