How to install packages

  • How do i install packages in CLD ,In Ubuntu i use apt-get install(package name) or wget, what is the command in CLD.
  • Do Calculate support .deb, .tar.gz, or .sh files


Programs installed from source code using the package manager emerge.
Read a short description about the installation of programs [[add and remove programs|here]].

For Gentoo Linux there are a lot of documentation. Read the example here:
Gentoo Linux Frequently Asked Questions
A Portage Introduction

Hi Alex

On My system eix-sync is not working.I have tried with
calculate -d calculate;calculate -a calculate.
It is giving following error:
Failed to sync overlay “calculate”
Error was:Syncing overlay “calculate” returned status 256!
layman -s calculate failed

Adding the overlay failed!possible remains of the operatiom have Not been removed and may be
left at /usr/local/portage/layman/calculate.Please remove them manually if required
socket : connection timed out

I am unable to update anything nor iam unable to install.
I haven’t changed anything in /usr/local/portage/layman/calculate.

Please help :slight_smile: