Highly impressed

Hi to all and the CL-team,

after a short view at the brandy new KDE-version of CL… I have to say: WOW - VERY good work.
CL is at time only running in a VM, but after all: This is a rocking thing!

The CL Console? What kind of software is the builder?

What I can say, in this short time of one hour in dealing with CL: This is a great setup of KDE.
Congrats! It’s running smooth (4096MB RAM/4 CPUs in VM), since someone has thought about what can I do, to do it in a good way…

I see, you have a lack of German language in your documentation. Why?

Good work again ladies & gentlemen
Greetings from Germany

Knock Knock

Thank you for your feedback and offer assistance!

All operations on the assembly, installation, configuration, and updates are performed using the Calculate Utilities. Utilities are distributed with distribution, and you can modify the image on your own.

Now we are preparing a new version of the site, which will be built in the translation system. It will be supported in English, French and Russian languages with the possibility of adding other languages.

Hi Alexander,

do you mean, the user is able to modify the *.iso image?
I think, Redmine can handle separate languages or not?

The CL-installer give up in my VM without a word.
I would try another day. Normally I’m working with centos, my favorite server distribution.

Good luck on your way.
Knock Knock

Yes, of course, you can modify the ISO - add or delete software, change settings, etc.

Redmine supports different languages, but this is for the interface. Now we’re doing a complex system of translation.

Here is an article in Russian. It has not yet been translated. http://www.calculate-linux.org/main/ru/calculate-builder

If you tell me under what conditions you get an error, we will correct it.

P.S. I started to learn Linux from RH. But all that changed when I met Gentoo :wink: