Calculate Summer Camp 2022: Go Get Ready

Celebrating our 15th anniversary! The eighth Calculate Summer Camp 2022 will be held in Leningrad region on July 29-31.

All Calculate Linux users as well as their families are invited.

Baryshevo is a stunningly beautiful village on the Vuoksa river, where one can park their car and then rent a boat to get to the island.


  • Our Calculate Bus can pick you up on Friday, July 29th at 1:00 p.m. near the Veterans Avenue metro station. We shall meet at 19, building 1, Dachny avenue. On Sunday, July 31th at 2:00 p.m. the bus will make the return trip from Baryshevo.

  • If you are driving, navigate to 60°41′46.88″N (60.696355), l29°35′32.83″E (29.592453).

What to Bring

We expect you to bring a tent, your sleeping bag, some food and water. Why not a fishing rod, a charcoal grill, matches, mosquito repellent… We shall be camping all along! Strong alcohol should be left at home.


Please let us know if you are attending.
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Phone: +7 921 945-88-00 (Alexander), Telegram @lautre, Fediverse

That’s it: Calculate Summer Camp 2022 is over. Greetings and thanks to everyone who came!
Weather promised to be rainy, scaring almost all of our would-be island neighbors away. Those weaklings were barely seen :sunglasses:

In fact, it rained for half an hour on Friday, Friday night and a little bit on Saturday morning. There was no rain at all in the evenings, so that we could stay out of the tent:

There were 10 of us on the island on Friday, and 16 on Saturday. We wished time would stop :upside_down_face:

As our favorite location on the island had already been taken, we camped nearby. The slope to the water is steeper there, which is why we installed our sauna tent not by the water, but closer to the campsite:

The main activities were fishing, picking mushrooms and berries, boating, swimming, and playing badminton:

Once again Sergey impressed us with many interesting hiking and survival technologies. He slept up a tree, as usual :sweat_smile:

And here is a miracle burner with a blower, which I think is a much better alternative to gas, as it runs on pine cones! You just sit there and toss them in :laughing: Sergei definitely needs to upgrade it by replacing the battery with a photovoltaic cell :wink:

The previous year, fishermen from nearby had offered us a bucket of fish; this time, Oleg brought some early in the morning. What a treat! Fresh fish soup outdoors was delicious :innocent:

Even though we had brought several bags of firewood along with the sauna tent, we soon ahd to look for an additional source of firewood. Fortunately, there was a spiderman fellow among us, to help us survive under any circumstances! With him by our side, wood was literally falling dry from trees :sunglasses:

We also had swings for the kids. They just wouldn’t stop swinging!

To conclude, thanks again to everyone who joined us. We stayed positive, no matter how difficult the times. The way I feel about Calculate Summer Camp 2022 on a scale of 5, I’d rate it a full 5. While we were on our beautiful island, fun and play was indeed the only thing that mattered!