Calculate Linux on a SSD disk - configuration

Do I need to set additional things after install, how to setup partitions etc.?
I’m asking because tips from here looks quite complex…


I have Calculate installed on SSD.
I bought my SSD 5 years ago (20 May 2013).
I installed Calculate normally, without specific tuning.
All is okay and it’s faster than an HDD.

I think it’s useless :slight_smile:

I want to replace mu current system install which is on slow hdd drive, and switch it to that new ssd drive. I will still have that hdd in second bay for data.

Install from Live DVD or Live USB (download latest Current release, to have less updates post installation).

Install normally, cl-installer detect you are on a SSD drive and use the best i/o shedulder.

Installed, I had set partitions like this:

  • swap (I’ll change swapiness to 0/1) + / on ssd
  • /home on hard drive.

I thought about making separate for /var, /tmp etc. but I couldn’t figure out how big they should be. So I didn’t want to overthink about that and I finished with setup described before.
As I read somewhere ssd’s nowadays are really durable so there is another reason to not overcomplicate things.